I celebrate mistakes and wrong pitches because I believe that we learn, progress, develop, and grow faster and easier with joy and passion than with pressure and fear.

Why I love what I do

Viola Bornmann, Vocal Coach & Personal Coach, Founder of You Got This

My story

When I was five, I attended a piano concert. While listening to the music, I couldn't help but cry, and I desperately wanted to learn how to play the piano. That marked the beginning of my relationship with music.

During my childhood, I struggled with regulating my emotions. Playing the piano and music, in general, became my outlet whenever I felt sad, angry, or had excessive energy. I strongly believe that I eventually became a singer because singing gave me a platform where I could 'officially' be loud and express my emotions.

Working as a vocal coach, I realized how important the personal connection in 1:1 sessions became for the progress. My passion for working with individuals and the connection between our voice and psychology eventually led me to working not only as a vocal coach but also as a personal coach.

My Background stands on 3 Pillars







Throughout my practice as a Vocal Coach, I continuously witness how much singing can reveal the way to the inner emotional world, which is the special connection between voice and psychology for me. To accompany clients on that path not only with passion but also with know-how, I studied psychology and also work as a systemic coach. As a coach, I'm deeply committed to creating a nurturing space where individuals feel seen and heard, empowering them to show up with their authentic and powerful voice in the world.


…is to create a space where individuals can heal and grow, and where every voice – inside and outside – matters.

'You Got This' is a nurturing community where people pursue their passions and follow their hearts. In our personal space, we often lack the opportunity to make ourselves heard. I offer a room where people can freely express themselves.


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