Here you can show up vulnerable and just as you are to show and express your authentic inner and outer voice in a judgement-free space.

Meet me for a free Discovery Call

Meet me for a 20-minute 'coffee call', where we can discuss your goals, wishes, and concerns and explore how I can best support you. I look forward to meeting you!

I offer Sessions:

Vocal Coaching

My Vocal Coaching space allows you to not only work on your voice, strengthen it, and learn how to sing but also to freely express and show your voice.

I’m passionate about fostering a sense of well-being and mindfulness in Vocal Coaching because I want to protect your voice while also experiencing the joy and power of singing.

In class, we focus on your wishes and goals, creating and planning your process individually. The repertoire we'll work on mostly will consist of songs and music that you want to sing.

As an Estill Master Trainer, Estill Voice Training plays an important role in my coaching because it provides helpful tools to understand and connect with our instrument – our voice.

Personal Coaching

If you're feeling stuck beneath negative beliefs, stress, and self-doubt, and you're looking for guidance and support to 'reclaim your voice', I invite you to my coaching sessions.

My coaching on 5 pillars:

Accountability: I'll be here to help you realize your ideas and wishes.

Action: We'll move forward together, at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

Self-celebration: Acknowledging and celebrating your achievements play an important role.

Listening: Your needs and concerns will be listened to in a trusting and judgment-free environment.

Mindset: Together, we'll focus on overcoming barriers that are preventing you from confidently expressing yourself and showing your voice.

In my coaching..

I integrate elements from:

Estill Voice Training

Systemic Coaching

Hypno-systemic Coaching

Emotion Coaching

Solution-Focused Coaching

Conflict Management

Breathing Therapy

Do you want to find out more?

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Are you struggling to maintain a consistent daily vocal practice routine?

The VOCAL DIARY is a guided Diary that I created to help establish a practice routine (that fits into your schedule). Get your Diary for one week for free.

Establish and nurture your practice and celebrate your progress. You got this!

The Voice Of Your Team: Teambuilding for Companies

Cultivate strong bonds and awaken team spirit through collective singing.

Music goes straight to the heart – singing as a group and creating music together is profoundly transformative, impacting the collective spirit of the group.

At 'You Got This', I offer team-building experiences through music for companies. During these sessions, teams will learn and sing together, incorporating vocal warm-ups, rhythm exercises, and harmonizing.

If we make room to express our voices and listen to others, we can create something new, stunning, and beautiful – a new masterpiece.

Find out more about 'The Voice Of Your Team' on this page:


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