The Voice of Your Team –

Teambuilding through music

Cultivate strong bonds and awaken team spirit through collective singing.

"Her positive and warm energy creates the safe space a person needs to grow into a happy and confident singer." – Andrea B.

Welcome to 'The Voice of Your Team', where we use the power of music to build unity and teamwork.

Music goes straight to the heart – singing as a group and creating music together is profoundly transformative, impacting not only our ears but also our minds, bodies, and the collective spirit of the group.

Evidence demonstrates that singing has a positive influence on:

releasing endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine – the 'happy' hormones in the body that leave us feeling energized and uplifted

reducing our stress levels, boosting our immune system, and enhancing the quality of our sleep

improving the flow of oxygen in the body, which can positively impact our concentration, inspiration, and creativity

strengthening our sense of connection and belonging through an increased level of oxytocin

What is a 'The Voice Of your Team'-Event?

'The voice of your team' is a musical journey where your team comes together to encourage teamwork, to express different voices, and to listen to each other in a positive, energizing, and playful way – through singing together.

The journey of the event can vary from composing a song collaboratively, warming up voices, learning to sing together, adding harmonies, to possibly even recording the song as a beautiful reminder of what the team created together.

"Viola, the workshop instructor, is an exceptional teacher who masterfully created a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere." – Denis F.

Who will you be working with?

My name is Viola and I'm a Singer, Vocal Coach and Estill Master Trainer. Additionally I hold a degree in psychology and am a certified Systemic Coach. My passion is right at the intersection of music and psychology.

My heart beats for those who have never sung before and experience that magical moment when different voices come together, creating a beautiful and powerful sound. It's this mindful moment when backgrounds, life stories, daily problems, differing views, and hierarchies disappear, leaving only a sense of creating something together. Witnessing these radiant individuals singing their hearts out fuels my work.

For over a decade, I've worked as a Vocal Coach and have facilitated team-building events for various companies on different occasions.

'The voice of your team' can serve as a powerful and glorious conclusion to a congress or seminar, or as a conscious effort to unite and strengthen a new or existing team. Whatever the goal may be, it magically brings together many different voices to form one powerful team.

How can singing together have such a positive influence on your team?

Singing in a group is the proof that it's essential to have different opinions, needs, personalities, and ways of expression to create something magical.

If we make room to express our voices and listen to others, we can create something new, stunning, and beautiful – a new masterpiece.

'The voice of your team' will inspire your team to expand their comfort zone and present themselves confidently in a positive, fun, and playful way.

"Thanks to her, I've unlocked many blockages about being loud and proud. Highly recommend her practice!" – Elisabete F.

Details about the process

The Coaching comprises different parts that can also be booked separately (except for the recording). I'll guide your team through the journey interactively, practically, and with fun.


We begin with a playful warm-up of the voice and body, treating our bodies as instruments. This may involve creating rhythms and patterns, body percussion, moving the body, making noises, and engaging in simple vocal exercises with call and response.


If there's a desire to create an individual company song, the next step is to write new lyrics to a song integrating the company's values. I typically use the music of a well-known existing song as a base.


After writing the song, we practice: Step by step, we learn to sing it until everyone feels comfortable. Building on the melody, we may add harmonies or a different melody, adding the finishing touch.


When all the work is done the team will have a final moment to present the song and be proud of all the hard work they have put into the session. It's time to celebrate!


Optional, I offer the opportunity to record the song at the end. The recording will be sent out to all team members afterward, providing something to refer back to and reignite the energy.

"Deine Session hat Spaß, Leichtigkeit und Entspannung gebracht. Und es war eine Freude mit dir zu arbeiten."

– Susanne S.

"Such an outcome was really hard for me to imagine at the very beginning of our sessions! Thank you very much, Viola!"

– Alina M.

"Viola hat mich und meine Stimme immer genau da abgeholt [...] Mit ihr habe ich zu meiner Stimme gefunden."

– Caroline B.

I'm excited to sing with you and your team!

All of these guidelines are flexible, and I'm happy to tailor your individual team-building coaching to fit your needs and wishes.

For privacy reasons, names or video material are not displayed on this page. Please contact me for more information.

The Coachings can be held in English or German.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to get in touch. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

I'm excited to sing with you and your team!


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